Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected

Unexpected. A great theme for this week’s photo challenge.

Like many, I’m not a fan of seeing litter in the countryside or items that have no place being where they are and spoiling the view.

Except – maybe – when I have my camera at hand.

This is Whitby Abbey in north Yorkshire, UK. It was taken a couple of days before Halloween 2013. The Abbey was being prepared for night-time illumination and the lighting contractors had left their garish tool-box crate right in front of the Abbey. I’ve put this image through paint shop pro to relegate the abbey to the grey scale and punch out the complimentary colors, blue and orange. It’s one of my exceptions; an otherwise spoiled view becoming something great to look at.

Whitby Abbey & Oranage Crate

Orange Crate In front Of Whitby Abbey – October 2013

Moving on to the Hotel Bankov, Košice, Slovakia. I enjoyed a number of visits to this hotel when I was working out there. The Slovakian bill-boards & signs always intrigued me and made me laugh. Here’s a couple of my favorites taken just outside the hotel. Not great photography, but certainly the Unexpected.

Slovak Carpet Advert

A Slovakian Billboard Advertisement for Carpets

Horny Bankov

Horny Bankov – “Upper Bankov”

Tim Wolverson Photography


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