Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

This week’s photo challenge of Community has given me the chance to show you the place I live from a macro level to a distant shot.

So let’s start at the local park. A close-up shot of a stainless steel climbing frame, coated beautifully in dew.

A Wet Climbing Frame

Cwmbran: Llanyravon Spider Climbing Frame – Wet

And moving outwards to the red roundabout in Llanyravon boating lake park.

Cwmbran Colorpop Red Roundabout

Cwmbran: Llanyravon Boating Lake Roundabout

With the park in the distance, a photograph of Cwmbran’s boating lake.

Cwmbran boating lake

Cwmbran: Llanyravon Boating Lake

Moving out of the park and into Old Cwmbran: Boots Pharmacy.

Cwmbran Boots Fferyllfa

Cwmbran: Boots Pharmacy

And a sign post. I’m about to head towards Pontypool, up Blaen Bran mountain.

Old Cwmbran Sign Post

Cwmbran: Sign Post

A view of Upper Cwmbran from Blaen Bran mountain.

Upper Cwmbran Houses

Upper Cwmbran: Houses From Blaen Bran

From the top of Blaen Bran. A view of Cwmbran Town centre, the Severn Estuary and England beyond.

Cwmbran and Severn Estuary

Cwmbran Town Centre From Blaen Bran

And from the same stand-point, a telephoto shot of the busy town centre and the refurbished tower block.

Cwmbran Town Centre From Blaen Bran

Cwmbran Refurbished Tower Block

Now how did I avoid all those people?

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