Weekly Photo Challenge: One

I’ve been waiting for a suitable theme to showcase my following photographs and this week’s photo challenge: one fits the bill, perfectly.

A short trip into the North Sea from Whitby harbour and I captured this yellow bouy – all alone – in the vast expanse of H2O.

Yellow Bouy North Sea Whitby

One Yellow Bouy Out in the North Sea

Back in Wales on one of my walks, it’s common to see one of people at high altitude, or no one at all.

Here’s a cyclist. He’s done the hard work reaching the summit. Now, downhill all the way!

A cyclist on a mountain

One Cyclist On Top of Blaen Blan, Cwmbran, Wales

And this strange, derelict , brick building in the middle of nowhere.

Brick Building on Blaen Bran, Cwmbran, Wales

Brick Building on Blaen Bran, Cwmbran, Wales


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

  1. Thanks for the visit and the comment its much appreciated, I read your ‘about’ and like I spent a lot of time with film and making each shot count which is an idea habit to be in I have been teaching photography in a primary school and trying to get them into the habit of making each shot count and not gunning it drives me nuts. I worked many years as a photographer, shooting riots to weddings, now my health doesn’t allow me to do it any more 😦
    I visit Wales often as my son and his family live in South Wales west of Swansea, its a long drive from east coast of Scotland so we split it up.
    Here are some more just using light.

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