Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Visiting our families at Christmas has always provided the opportunity for photography in one way or another.

Early morning, and sat in my parent’s living room – the day after Boxing Day, I captured the sun rising over a neighbor’s house. The sky was gorgeous and the resultant shot turned out even better than I’d hoped. The beginning of a new day.

Sun Rise Over a Roof and TV Aerial

The Beginning of a New Day

Rewind a few days and it’s Christmas Day at my in-laws. They’ve got a house full of interesting ornaments just crying out to be photographed.

This photograph that I took of their old clock captures the beginning of a new hour.

Antique clock 1 o' clock

The Beginning of a New Hour

This week’s theme: beginning is a perfect choice for the start of 2014.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

  1. Well chosen Tim, and nicely written. I’m with you, Christmas is definitely family time, and why not capture some interesting shots while you’re at it?! Happy New Year to you

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