St Fagans War Memorial

St Fagans War Memorial (Newbridge War Memorial)

The St Fagans war memorial  was originally constructed at Caetwmpyn Park, Newbridge, south Wales and unveiled in 1936 to commemorate the 79 servicemen from that town who fell in the First World War.

St Fagans War Memorial

St Fagans War Memorial | Originally Located at Newbridge, South Wales

The war memorial, made from Portland stone, has a bronze plate attached to its left side baring the names of the fallen from that conflict.

First World War Names of the Fallen from Newbridge, South Wales

First World War Plaque | Newbridge War Memorial (now located at St Fagans)

Subsequently, a second plaque was added to the right side of the war memorial. It bears the names of a further 37 local servicemen that fell in the Second World War.

Second World War Names of the Fallen from Newbridge, South Wales

Second World War Plaque | Newbridge War Memorial (now located at St Fagans)

Beneath the carved dates of the two world wars are inscribed:

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

St Fagans War Memorial, Previously Located at Caetwmpyn Park, Newbridge, south Wales

Inscriptions on the Front Face of the Original Newbridge War Memorial | First World War Plaque on its Left Side

Having been marred by mindless graffiti at its original location, the monument was cleaned and taken apart stone-by-stone in 1995. It was donated to the St Fagans National History of Wales Museum, leaving a new memorial garden in its wake.

St Fagans Cenotaph

St Fagans War Memorial, St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life  – Front Face

The war memorial was rededicated on 19th October 1996 by his grace, the most reverend Alwyn Rice Jones, the Archbishop of Wales. Memorial services are held at the war memorial every year on Remembrance Sunday.

St Fagans Cenotaph Plaque - Reverend Alwyn Rice Jones, Archbisop of Wales

St Fagans War Memorial – Rededication Plaque

The Replacement Newbridge War Memorial

To replace the Caetwmpyn Park cenotaph, two bronze panels bearing similar detail as before were set into the wall of a small car park, adjacent to the police station in Meredith Terrace, Newbridge. The two plaques are separated with a plain cross and the same inscriptions appear in the  stone-work above them.

Images of the New Newbridge War Memorial.

On the Great War plaque, the name of B. M. Evans has been corrected to list as E. M. Evans.

The Second World War plaque records an additional two names; W. Gardner of the Royal Tank Regiment and G. C. Whittaker of the R.A.F.

A further addition to this plaque is the name of G. J. Morgan, who was killed in Cyprus, 1956.

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