Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

A Candid Shot of an Artist Drawing a Woman

I am very pleased to see Shane Francescut as the guest star on the Daily Post and for him to be setting this week’s photo challenge: Split-Second Story.

Essentially, this week’s theme is all about telling a story with one candid image. Shane does a lot of this. And he does it with aplomb.

So much so, that I’ve become a big fan of his and have started to enjoy this type of photography myself.

Taken recently in Cornwall, England:

Artist Drawing a Woman

An Artist Drawing a Woman’s Portrait on a Cliff Top

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

  1. Shane is a true gem. I happened to start following him after I found his blog on the weekly photo challenge. He happened to comment just above me the first week (a few months ago) I started my blog. He has really been a great support and deserves all the attention he is getting 🙂 I love this moment. What a great, from a far, image. So much to see in one moment. Great shot.

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