Refraction In A Pint Glass

Refraction In A Pint Glass

Or, Refraction in a Dirty Pint Glass, if I’m being accurate. I really should have made sure it was perfectly clean beforehand.

Coloured stripes refracted in a pint glass.

Coloured Refraction in a Pint Glass

Black & White Image of stripes refracted through water.

Black and White Refracted Stripes in a Pint Glass

25 thoughts on “Refraction In A Pint Glass

    • Certainly.

      I used a tripod mounted Nikon D5100 with a 50mm prime lens.
      I downloaded a number of stripey wallpapers from the internet and displayed them full screen on my computer monitor. With the pint glass full of water and stood on something to get it level with the monitor, I captured a number of images using a remote release due to the long exposure time of each shot.
      A also had the room in darkness and paid attention at reducing the smallest of reflections from elsewhere (like TV standby lights).

      Hope this helps.

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