Old Photos – Maltby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Old Photographs of Maltby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Vintage Photos of Maltby.

Maltby High Street, 1950’s

Restored and given a grungy, gritty look, this image of Maltby High Street in the mid-fifties brings back a lot of memories for my folks.

On the left of the street we have: Gorrill Chemist, Bowyers, A Furniture Shop, Milnes and Roy’s Radios.

On the right: Dodson’s, Pilton’s Barbers, Buy-Wise, A Cleaners, Butchers, Hunsley’s Photography and Thompson’s Furniture Shop.

Old photograph of Maltby High Street

Old Photograph of Maltby High Street | Circa 1955

Maltby Scout & Cubs

A restored and enhanced old photograph of the Maltby Scouts and Cubs marching down Blyth Road with their leaders, and passing the junction of Millindale. Date unknown.

Old image of Maltby Scouts & Cubs marching alomg Blyth Road and passing Millindale.

Old Photograph of Maltby Scouts and Cubs


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