Cwmbran Remembrance Sunday 2014

Cwmbran Remembrance Sunday 2014

Photographs of the Cwmbran Remembrance day parade and service, 9th November, 2014.

Before the  two minutes of silence at the First World War Memorial Clock Tower in Old Cwmbran and in recognition of those who had fought and died in that conflict, Councillor Steven Evans, Chairman of Cwmbran Community Council, unveiled a wreath of laurel leaves and poppies that was attached to the clock’s  structure, above one of the memorial’s plaques.

The silence was then well observed.

Cwmbran Remembrance Day, 9th November 2014

Cwmbran Remembrance Sunday 2014

At the war memorial in Cocker Avenue Park, the Reverend Fr. Michael J. Phillips explained that the church organ in St. Gabriel’s Church was also a First World War Memorial containing the names of 86 local men who had lost their lives in that conflict and that each of their names, quite rightly, were remembered on that memorial; carved in oak and accentuated in gold lettering.

He continued to explain that at the following service in St. Gabriel’s Church, children would be lighting a candle for each of those names and that every casualty from all subsequent conflicts will be remembered in the same manner over the next four years on Remembrance Sunday.


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