St Woolos Cathedral First World War Memorial

St Woolos Cathedral First World War Memorial

St Woolos Cathedral, Stow Hill, Newport, is home to a Great War memorial of the town’s own battalion; the 1st Monmouthshire Regiment.

It consists of two Nailsworth stone panels, mounted on either side of the Norman arch, situated at the west end of the nave.

Together, the two panels record the names of 597 local men who made the supreme sacrifice during the First World War. Their names are inscribed in order of rank and in four columns on each panel. Lettering is accentuated in red and black for rank and name respectively.

Inscribed at the foot of each panel are the words:-


This memorial was unveiled by Major-General The Hon. E. J. Montagu-Stuart-Wortely, CB, CMG, DSO, MCO on Saturday, 7th May, 1921. He was chosen for this duty because he had been General Officer Commanding of the 46th North Midland Division with which the 1st Monmouthshire Regiment served as a Pioneer Battalion between June 1914 and July 1916.

Each stone panel is entitled with a selection of Regimental Battle Honours.

South Africa – Neuve Chappelle – Ypres – Loos

Great War memorial to the 1st Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment. Situated in St Woolos Cathedral, Newport.,

First World War Memorial, St Woolos Cathedral, Newport, Wales | South Side of the Norman Arch

1st Column:-


J. Jenkins (King’s Royal Rifle Corps. attached. Awarded Military Cross), C. L. Robinson (holder of the Territorial Decoration), F. J. Trump (attached to the 1/6th South Staffordshire Regiment).


E. S. Williams, O. M. Williams.


D. S. Curry (attached 7th Royal Berkshire Regiment), E. C. Dimsdale (Rifle Brigade attached), H. T. Edwards, W. M. James, J. C. Lewis (attached 6th King’s Shropshire Light Infantry), B. L. Perry, T. S. Spittle, C. W. Stanton.


W. E. C. A. Darby, D. M. W. Evans, J. R. Evans, J. G. Frampton, E. S. Phillips.


H. A. Birrell-Anthony, H. C. Archer, H. J. Ballinger, A. P. Duncan, S. R. Duncanson (attached11th Cheshire Regiment), C. S. Hall, G. D. Howells (attached 15th Cheshire Regiment), L. G. W. S. Jones, R. King (attached 1st South Wales Borderers), A. G. Lewis (South Wales Borderers attached), A. L. Meredith, N. C. Newland, A. Richards, S. E. Richards, L. H. C. Smith, W. V. Stewart, R. W. Thompson (attached 4th South Lancashire Regiment), G. Widowfield, D. J. Williams (attached 6th King’s Shropshire Light Infantry).

Regimental Sergeant Major

H. J. Humphries.

Company Sergeant Majors

C. Firr, H. J. Gardner, W. Parkinson, W. G. Winston.

Company Quartermaster Sergeant

A. J. Dix.


J. W. Crump, T. C. Davies, W. H. Day, A. W. Garbutt, G. Harding, C. V. Harvey, K. Hearder, J. Marshfield, W. Miles, E. T. Moran, F. Morgan, J. A. Robinson, J. H. Spencer, A. A. Sullivan, H. M. Underwood.

2nd Column:-


H. Catterall, W. J. Haskell, T. Jones, E. Payne.


J. Bland, W. E. Briscoe, R. W. Brown, G. Cambray, T. Counsell, T. C. Curtis, A. Edwards, W. T. John, R. Keogh, W. E. Lock, H. Morgan, T. H. Roberts, A. Russell, S. Turley, G. Wall, T. Webb (awarded Military Medal), J. Wells, W. H. Westbury.


A. P. Bosworth, C. Bowen, T. Coombs, A. J. Dowding, A. E. Fisher, A. V. Fishlock, H. F. Golding, T. H. Griffiths, H. Hall, E. Hambley, F. Hammond, A. Hiley, C. W. Hobbs, R. G. Holbrook, T. Howells, H Hughes, R. Hughes, H. G. Humphries, S. Hunt, A. J. James, T. John, E. W. Jones, C. Kingerlie, J. M. Lavis, R. Law, W. Morgan, E. H. Morris, P. C. Morris, W. Morris, J. G. Nudd, A. C. Oxenbury, F. E. Seary, F. Thomas, J. T. Thomas, D. Ward, W. Waters, F. Welch, J. Williams.


L. Adams, W. Alban, E. Andrews, W. G. Andrews, W. G. Ardren, J. Arkinstall, M. Ashcroft, P. Ashman, J. Aspinall, C. Austin, W. H. Avery, N. G. Ayliffe, A. Bailey, E. J. Bailey.

3rd Column:-


H. Bailey, J. Bailey, J. L. Bailey, V. S. Bailey, B. R. Baiss, F. Baiss, R. Barker, T. Barton, J. Baxendale, V. Beare, B. Beasley, L. Beatty, R. J. Beckett, J. Bellingham, I. Bennett, H. Bentley, C. Bestwick, R. Blacker, W. Blackmore, A. Blight, C. Blown, A. J. Boast, A. Booth, E. Bowden, O. Bowen, L. Bray, T. M. Bray, W. Briarly, I. Briddon, E. G. Brown, J. Brown, F. C. Browning, A. Burke, H. S. Burroughs, T. Byfield, H. Carey, W. Carter, W. J. Carter, W. Case, J. J. Casey, J. P. Chapman, W. A. Charles, J. Charlsworthy, E. Charlton, E. Cheek, S. J. Chubb, W. G. Church, R. Clark, C. R. Clarke, J. Clements, S. T. Cloud, R. M. Cole, W. G. Cole, W. Collier, B. W. Collins, J. Comer, J. Commer, A. J. Coombes, D. Cooper, E. N. Cooper, F. Cooper, H. Cooper, H. Coops, C. J. G. Cox, W. H. Crayford, H. Crickmore, J. Crossley, J. Dade, W. G. Daer, T. Dance, J. C. Dart, D. J. Davies, G. Davies, H. Davies, J. Davies.

4th Column:-


K. J. Davies, M. Davies, R. Davies, W. G. Davies, W. A. I. Davies, R. G. Dawson, J. W. Deakin, C. G. Dean, H. H. Delahay, R. G. D. Dempster, J. Dennett, W. J. Dick, W. Dixbury, F. Doggett, J. Donovan, C. Drower, S. M. Duckham, P. Dudley, J. Dyer, S. Earnshall, J. East, F. Eburn, H. A. Edmunds, J. Edwards, R. P. Edwards, T. Edwards, W. R. Edwards, W. H. Elleway, C. A. Ellis, H. Ellison, H. Entwhistle, A. A. Evans, D. B. Evans, F. Evans, G. Evans, S. M. Evans, T. Evans, F. Farrest, D. Field, H. Flook, J. Foley, A. J. Foskett, E. C. Francis, T. Francis, E. S. Frankham, I. Froy, B. H. Gale, A. H. Gallop, A. Gardner, J. Garnett, F. Gaytside, H. S. Gigney, A. W. Gilbery, B. Gill, J. Gilligan, J. H. Goodyear, F. Gough, C. Gray, J. A. Gray, J. Greenhalgh, C. Greenman, J. Greenslade, P. Grenville, F. Grey, W. Gribble, A. Griffiths, A. G. Griffiths, N. C. Grimes, D. J. Gunstone, J. Hall, T. G. Hancock, V. Hanson, J. F. Harding, A. J. Harris, E. Harris, W. Harry, R. B. Hart.

Somme – Arras – Lens – Canal Du Nord

Great War memorial to the 1st Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment. Situated in St Woolos Cathedral, Newport.

First World War Memorial, St Woolos Cathedral, Newport, Wales | North Side of the Norman Arch

5th Column:-


W. Hartley, R. Hassell, G. A. Hastie, L. Headlam, A. L. Heathfield, F. Hellingworth, E. Hickman, F. Hicks, G. Higginston, S. Hill, J. Hillman, F. G. Hodder, E. Holland, W. Holland, A. Holmes, G. A. Holt, J. Hongus, A. L. Hooper, H. Hord, B. Hornby, A. Hourihane, A. Howell, C. Howells, J. M. Howells, W. Howells, A. Hughes, B. Hughes, J. R. Hughes, P. Hughes, G. Huish, E. Humphries, T. Humphries, W. Hunt, G. H. Hyde, W. Jackson, H. James, W. M. James, J. Jarrett, W. R. Jefferies, J. E. Jeffrey, A. Jenkins, A. C. Jenkins, W. J. Jenkins, E. H. Jennings, N. Johnson, P. Johnson, A. J. Jones, A. P. Jones, A. T. Jones, A. W. Jones, D. Jones, D. T. Jones, E. Jones (2215), E. Jones (4879), F. Jones, H. B. Jones, H. G. Jones, H. S. Jones, H. T. Jones, P. Jones, P. E. Jones, S. Jones (227535), S. Jones (263133), T. T. Jones, W. Jones (1147), W. Jones (3555), W. J. Jones, J. Kelly, T. W. Kelly, J. Kendell, T. Kift, A. G. Kimber, A. Kinsey, J. Knott, I. Lake, C. Lambert, S. Langmaid.

6th Column:-


J. Lawson, T. C. Lee, E. P. Leech, A. J. Lewis, G. Lewis, J. R. Lewis, R. Lewis, W. H. Lewis, W. R. Lewison, W. J. Lloyd, A. Logan, W. A. Lucas, A. Madge, H. G. Mapp, W. Marchant, F. H. Martin, W. Mason, A. Matthews, H. Mayne, W. McCann, M. L. McLaughtan, E. G. Mead, G. P. S. Meares, I. Meredith, A. S. Miles, J. Millership, A. Miskell, I. W. Mitchell, A. R. Moore, J. M. Moore, W. H. Moore, A. H. Morgan, C. E. Morgan, D. Morgan, E. Morgan, M. Morgan, W. Morgan, A. Moriton, J. Morrall, C. C. Morris, C. H. Morris, J. Morris, T. Morris, G. Morse, F. Moseley, F. Mosely, G. Mousdell, F. Murphy, J. Murphy, A. Newport, A. Newton, J. Newton, A. N Nibbs, J. H. Norris, T. O’Leary, T. J. O’Leary, W. J. Onions, W. S. Orpwood, G. J. Owens, J. Palmer, A. Panter, W. B. Parkinson, E. J. Parry, H. A. Parry, P. S. Parry, F. Parsons, H. T. Peacock, P. Peacock, N. G. Pearce, E. Pendelbury, J. Fetheram, A. B. Phillips, C. J. Phillips, D. Phillips, J. Philpin, C. A. Pitt, F. J. Pitt.

7th Column:-


W. Pilkington, A. C. Plank, S. Pomeroy, C. T. Pook, A. J. Pope, J. Pope, R. H. Porter, R. W. Porter, F. R. Portnell, W. Powell, F. R. Powles, A. Price, E. Price (1826), E. Price (226630), H. Price, J. H. Price, W. Price, E. G. Prickett, C. Priest, H. Pritchard, N. L. Pritchard, J. M. Probert, J. Pye, G. Quenton, J. Radcliffe, S. Rainstick, E. Rattee, J. Reardon, A. H. Rees, J. D. Rees, J. J. Rees, P. Rees, W. C. Richards, C. Riley, C. J. Roberts, H. P. Roberts, W. Robertson, F. Robinson, G. Robinson, J. Robinson, J. Rosevere, R. Ross, A. J. Rouse, V. Rowe, H. Rowland, W. F. Rowson, T. Salmon, R. H. Sansom, F. Saunders, W. H. Saysell, P. J. Scannell, J. Scott, A. Seamer, H. T. C. Seddon, C. W. Selley, B. C. Shaw, J. H. Shepherd, J. Sherman, P. Sibthorpe, W. Simmonds, Z. Sims, W. R. Skinner, J. Skyrme, W. Small, E. C. Smart, R. S. Smart, A. Smith, A. H. Smith, H. Smith, J. Smith (1628), J. Smith (229002), R. J. Smith, T. Smith, W. G. Snelgrove, J. C. Speck, J. Spencer, W. Spencer, H. C. Stephens.

8th Column:-


M. Stephens,  W. Stephens, C. G. Stevens, E. B. Stevens, J. Stewart, S. J. Stone, E. G. Strong, F. W. Strong, R. C. Surlock, G. A. Sutton, F. C. Taylor, H. Teague, W. Thayer, C. Thomas, E. J. Thomas, F. Thomas, G. Thomas, J. Thomas, P. Thomas, T. Thomas, T. J. Thomas, T. Thompson, W. Tilley, J. Tindall, J. A. Tiplin, W. Torry, R. W. Travers, E. L. H. Trew, A. Trow, D. Tudor, P. H. Turner, T. Vaughan, S. S. Verity, J. Vernall, H. Vince, A. Waller, C. Walker, J. Walker, D. T. Walters, G. Ward, F. Warman, S. Warwick, S. Watkins, S. J. Watson, E. J. Webb, H. West, J. Whalley, A. Wheeler, A. White (3037), A. White (290465), J. White, J. W. White, L. M. Whitney, G. Whitlock, A. R. Whittle, A. E. Wilkes, J. Wilkinson, A. Williams, A. G. Williams, A. W. Williams, B. W. Williams, C. H. Williams, E. Williams, J. Williams, J. E. Williams, J. R. Williams, O. Williams, P. A. Williams, R. J. Williams, T. H. Williams, W. C. Windsor, D. Winkworth, E. E. Winter, A. H. Woosnam, W. Workman, W. C. Young.


  • First World War Graves and Memorials in Gwent – Volume 1, Ray Westlake.

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