Rule Of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

This week’s photographic challenge by the Daily Post has been set by Jen Hooks. She demonstrates the concepts of the rule of thirds, minimalism and bokeh in a single image and invites us to do the same.

Here is my entry: a purple flower, captured with a 50mm prime lens, f/2.2 @ 1/400sec. ISO 100.

A photograph of a purple flower obeying the rule of thirds. Bokeh background.

The Rule of Thirds, Minimalism & Bokeh

13 thoughts on “Rule Of Thirds

    • Thank you. I used a very wide aperture f/2.2 at 50mm to create a shallow depth of field and the bokeh; let in lots of light and to keep the ISO as low as possible for sharpness.

      Because of the shallow depth of field, I took several shots of the flower, re-focusing each time to ensure I got one of the flower that was tack-sharp.

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