A reflective safety jacket, ear defenders and scaffolding.

Downed Tools

In this week’s photo challenge, Michelle Weber describes how photographers often envision grids over the scene they’re  about to capture to assist with composition and how the Rule of Thirds is a simple and effective way of improving our final images.

This week, we’re asked to make the lowly grid the forefront of our images.

Closed – This image was the result of traveling miles to visit  a château, only to find it closed when I got there. I thought it poignant to make the bars on the gate the subject of this shot as a reminder of the disappointment.

I like the striking bars and in particular, how the colours beyond compliment one another.

Closed gate.


Game – This was one of those occasions when I get asked by complete strangers, “Why are you taking a picture of that?”

If the vibrant primary colours surrounded by the bold, black grid ain’t enough, how about the 1:1 aspect ratio? Perfect for Instagram.

Playground game.


Canon Man – I captured this photograph of a male photographer during a visit to a museum. I was actually stood some distance outside the building when his camera flash alerted me to his presence inside. Instinctively, I captured a number of shots of him in front of that huge window. The grid lines of the window combined with the man’s side profile in silhouette make this one of my favourite captures.

I had a sneak-peek at his camera later on. It was a Canon.

A photographer in silhouette

Canon Man

Penitent Man – Like a penitent man who kneels before God to atone for his sins, I’m often found kneeling on church floors, but I’m not praying for forgiveness. Having obtained the wide-angle shots I want, I always close in on the detail to tell the complete story in pictures.

Pattern on a church floor


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