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Having  switched on my smart phone one morning, it started to receive a lot of notifications from the installed Flickr app.

And, when I say a lot of notifications, I mean a lot.

As my phone was bombarded with a rapid succession of notifications from Flickr, it struggled to play the sound for each of the events; the  notification sound being choked by the sound of the next. And, with the accompanying vibration of each notification, the phone started to skate uncontrollably around the table top, where I had left it to boot up.

A photograph that I had uploaded to my Flickr account the night before had been chosen to feature on Flickr Explore. The amount of web traffic that was generated from it being showcased there was incredible; with all of it directed at that sole image. The onslaught of faves (likes) that ensued from the vast number of visitors was unprecedented yet most welcome.

“Wow!”, I thought.

That is, until I read how photographs are chosen to feature on Flickr Explore.

For photographs are not chosen by human judges to appear on Flickr Explore. Instead, a cleverly crafted computer algorithm selects images based on an attribute that the Flickr team call ‘interestingness‘.

Chosen by a computer program then.

I am still unsure whether to be pleased or not.

Or how to do it again.

East Usk Lighthouse – Newport Wetlands Nature Reserve

East Usk Lighthouse at Newport Wetlands Nature Reserve, Wales.

East Usk Lighthouse, Newport, south Wales.

This is the image in question: the East Usk Lighthouse – taken from Newport Wetlands Nature Reserve, Wales, UK.

[Clicking the image will take you to the full-sized image on Flickr.]

Primarily, I processed this as a high quality desktop wallpaper for an ultra-wide computer monitor. Hence the letterbox format of 21:9.

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