Feeding Time at the Zoo

Feeding Time at the Zoo

This week, we are asked by the Daily Post to be inspired by the theme of dinnertime for the weekly photographic challenge.

The giraffe feeding station at Cerza zoo was full of people of all ages queuing frantically to feed the animals when I visited. I found myself penned in and unable to retreat from all the dust that was being generated by the food source: people waving it around, the giraffes munching it and park attendants emptying the remnants of food from buckets directly into the air.

A giraffe eating.

Feeding Time at the Zoo | A Giraffe Eating at Cerza Zoo

As you know, dust and cameras don’t mix well. However, I managed to capture this image before I replaced my lens cap. It demonstrates how a giraffe chews its food and how bad the airborne dust actually was.

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