The Road Taken

On the 31st March 2016, I visited the quiet beach at Oxwich, south Wales, UK and decided to walk up the narrow road on the cliff side to visit St. Illtyd’s Church.

As I neared the church, I heard the faint strains of bagpipes warming up. Other visitors who were making the same trek stopped walking and moved to the edges of the road. We had all stumbled across a wedding party about to leave the church and make its way down the narrow road to the hotel garden below. And, leading the procession were the Bideford Youth Pipe Band with their bagpipes and drums at the ready.

As the procession of musicians and wedding guests passed by, one observant onlooker remarked that one of the wedding guests had been on the TV show: I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

When the road cleared, I and other onlookers proceeded to continue towards the church. As the road narrowed and changed from tarmac to a stony path, we stumbled upon the bride herself, carefully negotiating the terrain in her heels and dress – helped, of course, by her bridesmaids and the groom himself.

The same guy who had noticed the aforementioned celebrity asked the groom, “Aren’t you that guy off the tele?”

“Yes.” he replied.

-Congratulations to you both!-

For this week’s photographic challenge: The Road Takenshow us something that surprised you on the “road taken”.


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