Christmas Greetings Tank Corps 1917

A Festive Postcard from the Front:

Christmas Greetings Tank Corps 1917

A festive postcard from the frontline 1917 - the Tank Corps.

Christmas Greetings Tank Corps 1917

During the First World War, festive greetings were often conveyed from men at the front to their loved ones back home. Postcards were a popular medium in which to transmit them.

This postcard entitled Christmas Greetings 1917 Tank Corps, not only conveys century-old Christmas wishes but notes the perceived success and enthusiasm of the mark IV tank, where a combination of surprise and new equipment had allowed German defences to be penetrated with great effectiveness.

The postcard depicts two mark IV tanks advancing triumphantly and unopposed with a tank crew member tipping his hat to a comrade in a distant tank.

The top right of the postcard displays the Tank Corps regimental crest and beneath it is listed a series of battle honours: Somme, Ancre, Arras, Messines, 3rd Ypres and Cambrai.

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